Armagetron: a Tron lightcycle game in 3D

There have been some changes in the Armagetron project structure. The original author, Z-Man, took a very long break from development. Long enough, in fact, for another team of gifted and motivated developers to produce a fork called Armagetron Advanced. They managed to actually understand some of Z-Man's convoluted code and made meaningful additions in the form of their release
Z-Man has reappeared in the meantime, and joined the Armagetron Advanced development team. So, now Armagetron Advanced is no longer a fork, it is the official real thing. Armagetron has been obsoleted by Armagetron advanced. At the time of this writing, a new release has just been made public that fixes, among others, some security issues of interest for people running a server.
Z-Man wishes to apologize to everyone who had to wait far too long for news or new developments, and for those who might have been affected by the security issues. For those who cannot part with the original Armagetron, version has been released which fixes the most critical security issues, but no other bugs.

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